This just in - check it out! Saturday, April 24, 2010 Press Release: By Marty Martel

I met Russ Varnell several years ago on a show in N.C., and over the years Russ has continued with a deep passion to keep real country music alive by his performances and his support of our great music. He said "If there was an endangered list for music, I would say real country, honky tonk music is definitely on the endangered list, and we need to do something about it, and keep it alive." And that is what this young man is doing and doing it with his band, the way he dresses and now he is bringing to all of you with his new show on WHIG-TV-Rocky Mount, NC, "The Russ Varnell Real Country Music Show." The show features Russ, his band His Too Country Band, along with co-host Michelle Patterson.

This young man deserves the opportunity to be on a major record label so that pure country music has an outlet to stay alive. Will that happen-who knows. The country music industry is deep in the deepest hole that the new country people have dug so deep that we need all of the Russ Varnell's we can find. So I am asking you to tune in on your computer to this young man's show and enjoy the great country music that is so hard to find anymore. A great big thank you for WHIG-TV for airing the show.


The following are the times for you to view the show and please let Russ know that you watched his show. Check out his website and drop him a line: http://russvarnell.com

Airing as follows:

Sundays at 3PM EST

Mondays at 11:30 PM EST

Thursdays at 10:30 PM EST

Here is the internet info: http://www.whigtv.com

Channel 17 Sudden Link

Channel 19 Time Warner

Channel 33 UHF

Marty Martel


By Lisa Boykin Batts Times Life Editor

Wilson's Russ Varnell on 'Larry's Country Diner

Russ Varnell is just back from Nashville, Tenn., where he performed on “Larry’s Country Diner,” weekly television show on the nationwide network RFD-TV. 

The show will air March 15 at 8 p.m. Varnell said RFD-TV is Channel 1359 on Time Warner and 231 Dish Network. Varnell had met the owner and creator of the show last year and gave his press information to him, and he got the call recently to go to Nashville.  “After overcoming a few scheduling conflicts, I went running to Nashville as hard as I could go.” Varnell performed some original tunes as well as some country standards. Guitar and Grand Ole Opry legend Jimmy Capps and his wife, Michelle, backed him up on the show. “What a complete thrill it was to do this show. I’ve watched it every week on TV since its first episode about three years ago,” he said. “I never dreamed I’d be a guest on it.”  While there, Varnell said he was approached about making more appearances on RFD-TV shows later this year.  “I will, without a doubt, be happy to go back today or tonight or tomorrow and whenever they ask me too,” he said. “It couldn’t have gone better and what a nice group of folks that treated me so nice.”  Varnell said his dressing room was between music legend Gene Watson and Mark Chestnutt and Red Stegall.  “I actually got to hang out with them during the day, and even got to play air hockey with Mark Chestnutt while waiting to tape the show,” Varnell said. 

You can see Russ Varnell and his band in town Friday at the Black Creek Community Building. The 7:30 p.m. nine-year anniversary show will also feature The Malpass Brothers.