Intro to the Too Country Band

Our Star & Fearless Leader on Lead Vocals - Wilson, NC


What can we say Real Country Music  is this Man's Passion.  Russ has always wanted a Real Country Music Band his entire life.  Since 2003 Russ has fronted his Too Country Band almost everywhere imaginable.  He believes in keeping REAL Country Music alive and well.  He devotes everything he has to doing just that.  Russ brings a lot to the stage & his band by his exciting vocals and natural stage presence.  Oh yeah, we can't forget those dynamic outfits he wears onstage (dressing the way a country music star is supposed to).  Russ knows what Real Country Music is and what it is supposed to sound and look like!  For audiences everywhere he is grateful and he sets a shining example to his band and friends alike to always dress the part and conduct yourself onstage and always respect your aduence and stick to your beliefs and passions.  He is always on a mission to make sure people always can hear Real Country Music the way it is supposed to be done. 

Jack Jones- Steel Guitar


Roger Gilmore Drummer - Smithfield, NC


I knew Roger from doing shows through the years in the Smithfield, NC area when he was in the house band in a show I performed in for several years.  As soon as it was possible I asked Roger who is about the best all around guy you'll ever meet to come be a part of my Too Country Band.  Roger has been with me almost since day 1.  I am so glad to share the stage and good times with Roger Gilmore, a true gentleman and class act. 

Dave Evans- Lead Guitar


Alton Taylor Bass Guitar- Bailey NC