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The Famous Suits 
The Story Behind The Suits 

The first original blue rhinestone suit is the name we go by for this Manuel.  On a visit to Manuels in Nashville, Tennessee, Russ saw this Wild Blue Rhinestone suit hanging up in the air from the ceiling.  Russ knew he had to have it.  It was the most expensive of the suits and he had to have Manuel make him matching rhinestone pants to go with the coat. 


Mel Tillis Suit 

This is a red Manuel rhinestone suit.  It formerly belonged to  Hall of Famer Mel Tillis.  You can see Mel Tillis wearing the suit on his website.  This is also the suit Russ is  wearing on the cd cover, "Playing Every Honky Tonk in Town." Russ wore this suit to a Mel Tillis concert and Mel Tillis autograph the inside of  the coat.  You can see the picture on the left.


This is a blue and gold rhinestone Manuel.  It is one of Russ' favorites.  Russ went into Manuel's lookin to update his wardrobe.  Russ saw this blue from across the room because blue is his favorite color.  All it took was Michelle's seal of approval. Russ talked Manuel into a discount & into putting his name inside. .

1st Manuel 

This coat is one of  Russ' mom and his girlfriend's favorites. It is a blue and white two toned coat. It was originally made and designed for Glen Campbell. For some reason Mr. Campbell never came to pick it up so Russ talked Manuel into selling it to him.


Hank Williams Coat
This is Russ' Hank Williams Sr Replica of his Famous Music Note coat.  Russ bought this from Katy K's Ranch Wear in Nashville, Tennessee.  This coat was used at some shows in Opryland by  a Hank Sr. Impersonator. 

Porter Wagoner Outfit
This is Russ' Porter Wagoner Black Replica outfit. Russ has always wanted a Porter Wagoner suit.  He even emailed Porter's daughter about trying to buy some of his suits after he passed away with no luck so far so this outfit is as close as Russ has gotten so far.  It is a very cool suit from Hang Em High Western Wear. Manuel is who Russ buys most of his suits from and who made Porter's and countless of stars' clothes.

Bill Anderson Jacket 
This is Russ' Blue Rhinestone Manuel coat. This coat was formerly Country Music Legend & Hall of Famer Bill Anderson's coat in which he wore on the Grand Ole Opry several times. In fact Russ took this to the Opry and had Bill Anderson autograph the inside of the coat.


Tom Brumley Suit 
This is Russ' Blue Rhinestone Nathan Turk. This suit was the Former Buckaroo & Rick Nelson's Steel Guitar Player Tom Brumley's suit from the 60's. Buck & the Buckaroos all had matching Blue Rhinestone suits. Tom is wearing this suit on the Buck Owens' Album "Live at Carnegie Hall." Russ bought this suit from Tom Brumley's wife this year after Tom passed away very unexpected of a heart attack.

Tom Brumley Suit
This is Russ' black rhinestone Nathan Turk. This suit was Former Buckaroo & Rick Nelson's Steel Guitar Player Tom Brumley's suit from the 60's.  Buck and the Buckaroos all had matching Black Rhinestone suits.  Russ bought this suit from Tom Brumley's wife this year after Tom passed away very unexpected of a heart attack.

Billy Walker Suit
This suit is black with red and silver stitching.  This coat was bought from the Estate of the Late Great Billy Walker.  Billy Walker was tragically killed while on tour. 

Billy Walker Suit
This coat is a green with white piping Manuel coat. Russ bought this from the Estate of Late Great Opry Star Billy Walker who was killed tragically while on tour. 

Billy Walker Coat 

This is Russ' black and white zebra coat.  It was purchased from the Estate of Opry Star Billy Walker.  Russ really wanted this coat bad because three of the times he got to visit and meet with Billy at the Opry , he was wearing this coat.  Russ had his picture made with him wearing this coat several times.

Texas Suit

Buck Owens Watermelon Suit See Press Release Section for Full Article & Details 
Russ used to have the Nudie suit that Buck Owens is wearing on the Together Again album but he gave it back to put into Buck's museum at the Crystal Palace in Bakersfield, CA. Russ gave it back after learning it was Buck's first suit that was stolen from him backstage in the 60's. The full story is in the press release section of the website. uit

Red Rose Suit 

Russ' newest and latest purchase was a black and red rose Manuel rhinestone suit. Russ purchased this suit while in Nashville, TN for an awards show just about two weeks ago. His debut was at Fountain in October 2010!


DeRailers Suit 

Russ bought this black and white suit in Bakersfield, California on one of his many trips to see Buck Owens at the Crystal Palace.  Russ calls this his Derailers suit because it matches the ones those boys wear on stage.






 Russ's Newest Suit

Russ finally has a Porter Wagoner Style suit made by the man Manuel himself. He made Porter's suits.


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