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Friends It’s not too often that I give my personal endorsement here on a public forum , being face book. But in this case I have to make an exception. I’m so excited about a New Website that Myself & My Too Country Band are proud & honored to be associated with & be part of.
Friends I’m talking about the New website
Which is Ran by 2 of the Nicest People I know Randall Bart & Kelly Bart  who share my undying passion for REAL Country Ameripoltitian Music. I’m so proud to call them my Friends.
I personally recommend & suggest you check out their new website! They did a lot of work on this and it sure shows! This site honors our Legends of Country & Rockabilly Music & Also Us Few folks that are giving all we have to carry it on & keep it Alive! I guarantee you’ll find this website interesting & fun do yourself a favor & go check it out! And be sure to Tell em ol’ Russ sent ya!
I promise you will not be disappointed. 

 Honor Thy Legends

Russ' REAL Country Music Friends:
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